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The Missing City Stars: Giving people a voice through documentary filmmaking

We have met people who are full of words but yet have no voice. People with incredible stories to share but no idea how. People who can enrich our world by telling their tales, but have never been given the chance to speak.

This is The Missing City Stars, here to shine a light on the incredible richness of our city's social fabric. We give mics to the voiceless, cameras to the invisible, production know-how to the misfits — and they open doors to the unknown world, right on our doorstep.

Through a series of master workshops in documentary, all led by industry professionals, they learn all the basics of film-making. We load them up with the tools, equipment and all the support needed to create their own film.

We’ve been invited into the homes of the homeless, felt the battle of youth rising over crippling cultural restrictions and have been told incredible stories by people who can’t speak. We’ve felt the inner strength of women overcoming demons of abuse, and have seen a fight club becoming a sanctuary for hundreds of kids. Currently, we have the chance to see behind the curtain of a doomed European dream.

We want the world in which we live to be human. We believe our approach to documentary filmmaking can build bridges which will lead us there – dispelling prejudice and creating change.

We choose to see, we want to hear and bet all our horses on a positive social revolution. This is just the beginning! We need you! The Future is ours.

Sincerely yours,

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